• Very effective treatment.. All Support from doctors also throughout and after treatment.

    Jasni A
  • Me n my family is extending a heartfelt gratitude to everyone at AmmayumKunjum, especially Shobhachechi, the caretaker and Dr Anusha, for the amazing service done.

    Amrutha Elattuvalappil
  • Good Experience. The staff who came was Remadeviammachechy, she was just like mom... !!!Care and service was satisfactory...! Sincere Doctors like Dr.Naveen,Dr. Ansha, etc. Staffs like Gayatri was very helpful. Staffs answered all queries at right time.Sudeesh is yet another staff who informs matters.. Don't know all the names of staff. Sorry...All the staffs and Doctors are really committed...Thanks a lot Ammayumkunjum!

    Thejasree R
  • I had great experience from ammayumkunjum team. I thankful to the team. My caretaker Prasannachechi was really sincere, loving and co- operative. Doctors are supportive and available at any time. Dr. Naveen ,Dr.Ansha and Dr.Manu were frequently checking upon ne to ensure that I am comfortable with the treatment. Staff Mrs.Gayathri was also very supportive. Once again thank you for great service from ammayumkunjum team.

    Surya Syam
  • Had wonderful experience with ammayumkunjum team.

    Vandhana Ajay
  • I would suggest ammayumkunjum for all postpartum patients and new moms.

    syamili Pillai
  • Am a completely satisfied customer of ammayumkunjum. There was no type of doubts or confusion in the treatment. Wat ever is required for us is provided at the correct moment by them. And the friendly interaction with the staffs makes us feel homely.

    Roopa Raveendran
  • Am very much satisfied with their services. Was very supportive. The staff who came to care me and baby, mayachechy, she was awesome . Supported me and took care of everything very well She cared everyone at my home. The support and treatment provided by ur team was excellent . Already suggested to my friends.

    Dr. Alina Arun
  • I really thank the whole ammayumKunjum team for my post-natal care. They have done everything with dedication especially Dr Ansha. I will recommend to my friends and relatives about ammayumkunjum for post-natal care.

    Soumya Mohan S
  • The care and hospitality provided by the team AmmayumKunjum during my 2nd post-partum treatment was beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend AmmayumKunjum service to new moms and babies who need knowledgeable and empathetic post-partum care. A million thanks to the entire team AmmayumKunjum.

    Arunima N S
  • Very much impressed on the service... i suggest this team ammayumkunjum for the postpartum treatment.. i took 21 days treatment. Doctor and staff are very sincere and caring.

    Parvathy janardhanan
  • The team really helped in my postpartum care. The staff and the doctors were well supportive and caring. Best service was provided.

    Gopika Nair
  • Our experience with ammayumkunjum team was excellent. Dr Naveen and Dr Anisha did regular follow up and provided the best postpartum treatment. As a new mom I had so many queries regarding baby and they resolved them in no time. We were given Sunitha chechi as caretaker and she did her part meticulously. Chechi was like our family member and took care of my baby and me round the clock. The ayurvedic massgaes helped to relive my pain and enhance my health. Taking account of my family condition, Mrs.Gayatri provided the best care taker and even exended her service for 20 more days upon our request.
    I strongly suggest team ammayumkunjum to every new mom as they are very professional, trustworthy and transparent in their service.

    Rinku Raichal
  • I am from Trivandrum & I chose ammayumkunjum for my post pregnancy care.Its been a great time with Ammayumkunjum team.
    I got to know them from one of my relative who has acquired their service & from facebookreviews.I am very happy with the staff they sent to us.She is very cooperative & adjusting & such a dedicated person.She took well care of me & my child.The treatments ( massaging , kizhi ) really helped to ease my postpartum pains.
    Doctors from their team were frequently checking up on me to ensure that I am comfortable with the treatments and would clarify any queries regarding myself or my baby.I will defenitely recommend ammayumkunjum for preggies for their excellent post pregnancy care.

    Gomathy Kailas
  • A good initiative from Ammayumkunjum team for new moms.Had a great experience with the team. Dr. Naveen and Dr. Anusha gave timely advice on medicines and food to be followed. Especially Dr. Naveen's suggestions helped alot to get a relief from my allergic reactions.I highly recommend AmmayumKunjum team for my friends nd relatives.

  • The team really helped in my postpartum care. The staff and the doctors were well experienced and dedicated throughout the time. The staff was well experienced. Giving five star bcoz they are the best postpartum care centers in kerala.

    Keerthi Karthikeyan
  • It was a good experience for me. I'm grateful to the entire team. The experienced staff take care off me and my baby well.

    Shebina Husain
  • Had a great experience with AmmayumKunjum Team...Well trained staff ... Me and my baby were happy with the staffs care..

    Fathima Ashraf
  • The staff was very very supportive. This is my 3 delivery and the experience of being a mom again was smooth mainly because I cud take complete rest while the staff took care of the child. Regular follow ups from the doctor was also there. Really appreciate this initiative which actually helps new moms enjoy and experience the goodness of motherhood with their newly born. A big thanks to the team- Dr. Ansa for her regular follow ups, Dr. Naveen for heading this and the staff Usha for her dedication and passion towards the work she does.

    Nimisha Kurian
  • Im from Calicut,while booking i wasn't sure if they would sent their staff to far places, but you made it sure that you provide treatment anywhere around Kerala . Thankyou team for providing such an excellent treatment.My therapist Ms Savitha was highly professional in taking care of me and my little one.Over the whole it was 21 plus days. I highly recommend team AmmayumKunjum to all my friends and family.wishing all the very best.

  • AmmayumKunjum believes in the satisfaction and care of thousands of our beneficiaries like you. We feel humbled by your wonderful words about our service. We extend our sincere thanks from AmmayumKunjum team.

    Ray Mareena
  • Am very satisfied with AmmayumKunjum team I took 21 days postpartum treatment.Had a very nice experience with Dr.Naveen and Dr.Aneesha.They were cooperative and were too good to clear my doubts...Staff Sreedevichechi was so helpful, loving and took good care of us... Highly recommended...

    Rency Rachial
  • Very nice service , I would definitely recommend them , they have well trained employees. Keep up the great work.

    Rakesh Natarajan
  • The service was good.We were satisfied with the postpartum treatment and care provided by the staff and doctors of ammayumkunjum team.

    Kavya Mohan
  • We would like to thank the entire AmmayumKunjum team for taking care of my wife and twin baby boys. As everyone know, it's not easy to handle the twin babies along with the ayurvedic treatment for the mom, but the staff "Rajamani Aunty" did it very professionally and hats off to her dedication and commitment. Also , special thanks to Sreelekhachechi as well who took care of the kids in the initial 7 days. Thanks to the doctor's as well for frequent follow ups and also arranging the full day staff by understanding the situation and thinking from our perspective as well.
    I will surely recommend their services to everyone and a big thanks to doctor Naveen as well for holding up and leading such an amazing organization.

    Aswin Madhavan
  • Good service by dedicated staff. Highly recommend Ammayumkunjum for postnatal care and baby care.

    Anju Murali
  • Extremely happy with the service of ‘AmmayumKunjum’. Also I express my sincere thanks to all the staff of ‘AmmayumKunjum’ for their guidance and follow up done. I wish all the success to the team. Highly recommend.

    Parvathy Raj
  • I am satisfied with the team ammayumkunjum. The doctors and staffs were well supportive and caring. Thank you team for providing such an excellent treatment.

    Sruthy Prakash
  • I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude for the unparalleled services provided by the AmmayumKunjum team for post-natal care at home for my wife and our newborn daughter. From the initial point of contact, they exhibited professionalism, empathy, and attentiveness to all of our requirements.
    Their team of seasoned and knowledgeable nurses were a godsend for my wife, rendering her with much-needed assistance and guidance during her convalescence period. They were consistently accessible to answer any queries we had and provide assurance whenever necessary. Additionally, they were incredibly forbearing and kind to our daughter, taking great care of her and ensuring that she was well-nourished and comfortable.
    The services provided by the AmmayumKunjum team were truly invaluable. They not only aided my wife with her physical recovery but also offered emotional support, which was equally crucial. They were a great source of comfort for my wife, who was feeling overwhelmed and apprehensive about her new role as a mother.
    I would highly recommend the AmmayumKunjum team to any new parents searching for post-natal care at home. Their services are unparalleled, and they truly care about the well-being of both the mother and child. Thank you, AmmayumKunjum team, for all that you have done for our family, especially our new born girl child. We are eternally grateful.

    Nithish Sadasivan