What does the Ammayum Kunjum team do?

Professional, educated support. We are thrilled to meet your individual needs. We respect that medical professionals are there for healthy mama, healthy baby. Ammayum Kunjum staff are there for your healthy mind and healthy bond.

Why should I hire an Ammayum Kunjum staff?

There is so much evidence that shows by ammayum kunjum staff to the families that hire them. Our goal with every client is to provide collaborative care. We respect the team of medical professionals you have chosen and will work with you to help you achieve a beautiful parenting experience.

In your postpartum period Ammayum Kunjum staff offers exceptional care to empower you as a parent and transform the overwhelming time with a new-born into an empowering time filled with confidence and support. Her presence can also encourage you as you establish a solid and lasting nursing relationship. She is even available for daytime support to help reduce the bone-crushing fatigue.

Is Ammayum Kunjum staff a midwife?

No. is not a medical professional. Do not take the place of any doctor, nurse or midwife. We work for you. We are trained in supporting the physical, educational and emotional needs of the woman after the baby is born. The training, and the certification process that every one of our staff has gone through, entails an incredible understanding of birth and 6the postpartum period. We are amazing. We are your personal coach after your delivery.

What are the qualifications of Ammayum Kunjum staff?

There are no requirements to have a medical background as Ammayum Kunjum staff do not provide medical support. Each of our team member has received training from our doctor in scientific and professional manner.

We have a personal code of ethics each of our staff commit to when joining the team. Our mentorship program requires shadowing the seasoned staff within the agency so that we have a unified presence of collaborative care.

My husband and my mom will be with me. Do I need an Ammayum Kunjum staff?

Oh yes. Your family provides you with invaluable support, and we will never take their place beside you. Every one of your family members is experiencing this birth with you. We free up your family to be fully present and completely dive into this memorable event with you. We understand that your partner has just as much need for emotional and physical support in birth as you do.

We also give your family breaks. The experience of supporting you in birth can be emotionally charged, and they may find that stepping outside or grabbing a bite to eat is exactly what they need. And they can do that knowing you won't be left alone. "When served by Ammayum Kunjum staff, moms are satisfied by their partner’s support at all levels of engagement."

How much do Ammayum Kunjum staff cost?

We truly believe that our staff provide a tangible and valuable resource, and that skill should be honoured and respectfully compensated. To seek out Ammayum Kunjum staff that is under-valuing her services and giving you a bargain for birth support, does a disservice to herself and the profession. It promotes the concept that the skills we provide are not worthy or sustainable for a long-term career. Payment plans and payment options are always available. We never want cost to be a reason that someone does not get the services they desire. All you need to do is ask! Curious about actual fees? You can learn all about them here.

Ammayum Kunjum provide an exceptional service and are a necessary luxury. Pay your staff well because she is incredibly invested in you.

How do I hire Ammayum Kunjum staff?

We are with you every step of the way as soon as you are expecting until you settle into parenthood. We walk this path with you feeding you with encouragement and confidence. Contact us so we can let you know what to do next.

Is Ammayum Kunjum staff worth it?

Absolutely, unequivocally yes.