Why we do this?

A woman is the core of every family and thus the society. Her wellbeing is very important for the betterment of every one else. Delivery is a phenomenal thing which happens in body, which needs lot of body energy. After this strenuous process of delivery, naturally the energy levels of body decrease. Ayurveda has certain techniques, which is designed by ancient acharya’s. We AMMAYUM KUNJUM team aims to these age-old techniques for the wellbeing of the mother and child.

  • What food to consume after delivery?
  • What to drink after delivery?
  • How to improve the quantity and quality of your breast milk?
  • What type exercise to perform after delivery?
  • How to breast feed your baby?
  • We help to give oil bath for your young one
  • What type of cloth for new born?
  • How to apply oil for the new born?
  • How the room should be?
  • Our expert staff will help to prepare medicated water for your young one bath.
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